Why hello there, welcome to my personal website.

My name is Felipe de Moraes Modesto. I'm a Master of Computer Science who has spent most of his professional career working in the Game Development Industry. But I'm more than just that; I like to think of myself as a versatile person. Below you will find a brief description of my skills and interests.

If I had to pick one regret it would be not to have photographed the stuff I made more. But that's OK, I'll take it as a learning exercise. In the future I might leave project files & other interesting things I do here.

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C++, C#, Lua, Python, Java, Matlab... Hell, I probably still remember Pascal. I've been writing code for over 10 years now for a varied number of applications, from business solutions, art projects, video games, educational software, research and even a couple of personal home automation projects. I'm not saying that I'm an incredible programmer, but I'm pretty good, flexible, quick-learner. (Also kinda cocky, sorry). I wrote this very site on my own using a mix of python, bootstrap, html/css and a few components (see source code for references).

If you're curious who's been lurking around these pages, you can check some stats here.


My artistic vein started sprouting in grade 6, when I joined a club in school. I first started using Adobe Photoshop back in version 7.0 around 2002, introduced by a friend's older brother. While I'm not great at hand-drawn illustrations, I'm damn good at using the Adobe tool-set and am glad to say I pay for their subscription. Even before they bought Macromedia, (for which I actually did some training, God bless Macromedia Studio MX), I had already become a fan of Adobe. From Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign to Soundbooth Audition, Premiere and After Effects, I've at least fiddled with all the tools they make available. I do own a Wacom bamboo but, again, am not great with a pen. I do know the tools and what to demand of my artists.

Part of my creativity comes from a natural predilection. I'm fully left-handed, hand, feet, eye, all left-dominant. Consequently, my brain is kind of wonky but in a good way, it helps with the creative side of things.


Since 2011 I have been actively working as an entrepreneur. Fira Soft was my first business venture and despite ups and downs it's been growing for the past 5 years. Our staff totals 12 people and I'm the creative director for the company. My responsibilities at Fira Soft include deciding on the creative process of our projects, coordinating the design team, validating work and project scope. The clients we've worked with range from Government Entities (CNMP, FIESC) to banks (Banco do Brasil) as well as private companies (Brasil Kirin, MaurĂ­cio de Sousa). In early 2018 we won a grant from the Brazilian national arts agency to complete our game: Kriophobia.


Currently a Ph.D. Candidate in the Computer Science program at the University of Ottawa, my main research focus is on vehicular technology. The running topic for my thesis is Service-oriented Information-centric Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks, I have a few publications going around, you can check them on my Google Scholar page.

One of my life goals is to teach undergraduate courses with the purpose of sparking student interest in developing their own projects and doing research. I've been a Teaching Assistant for several courses as well as a Content Producer for the Interface Design Course. I'm a practicum course away from obtaining a certificate for Undergraduate Teaching from the Faculty of Post-doctoral studies at the University of Ottawa.


I build stuff, I break stuff, shit catches fire but it's all fine. I've only been electrocuted once and have never actually fried any boards.

One of the projects I worked on was a virtual painting application where the user would do digital "finger painting". The project was part of a University program I participated while working with professor Venturelli. We built it before VR was the hot new thing (2008), it was very unique at the time. The system implemented using an Infra-red bracelet and a gyroscope attached to an abduction sensor glove tracked by a 3D camera system made up of 3x Microsoft Lifecam VX-3000s with the IR filter replaced by photo negatives and placed at the edges of the XYZ axis.

I've also done a lot of 3D printing, free-hand sculpting. I built a 4-player USB adapter for SNES controllers built into a SNES (2 ports were positioned in the game cartridge slot). If you ever saw the adapter at UnB's Computer Science CA room, that was my work. I've currently got a few designs available on Thingiverse.


"The drums... The drums [x11]" - The Ting Tings, 2008

I "play" drums at an intermediate level, good enough to do pro-drums on expert on rock band, not enough to play in a band. Maybe in one of those bad high-school rock band. I'm not musically gifted so I didn't pursue the career but I have full understanding of musical composition, rhythm and have helped guide the tone for some of the work the incredible in-house composer we have at Fira Soft has worked on. Herman Ferreira, who is also my business partner, has taught me a lot and was one of the reasons I took a course on computer audio composition during my undergraduate studies.


I'm a huge nerd. I don't think I could ever hide this for longer than a minute. I love facts, statistics, technology, science. I praise the scientific method (even though I am fully aware of how corrupt the academic community can be).

I'm not the master of many subjects but I know a lot about a lot of things. While it has been proven that photographic (eidetic) memory isn't really a thing I do feel I have great memory recall, coupled with quick thinking. I am not a "know-it-all", but I'm a pretty good generalist with many specialist skills and lots of trivia knowledge. For example, did you know that out of the last 6 US presidents, 4 of them were left-handed? Reagan was ambidextrous but that was because of irrational backwards-thinking parenting forcing him to main his right-hand.

Homer Simpson Nerd