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Below you will find some of the graphic design and illustration work I've worked on previously.

Academic Material

Designed, formatted, edited and managed print of the Conference Booklets for the ACM MSWiM Conference for the years of 2015, 2016 and 2017. For reference, this is what the 2014 booklet looked like.


Designed a logo to replace the word-art one used since the 90's. The first revision, used in 2016 was a larger departure from the previous concept but due to input from the event organizer (and creator of the original art) was modified to be closer to the old design in 2017.

Created the presentation template currently in use by the members of the PARADISE Research Laboratory. Template includes custom font selection and color palette.

Personal Brand

I've always loved diagrams, vector and abstract art. I also loved the Super Nintendo Entertainment System while I was growing up, so I Designed a deconstructed SNES controller that to be tattooed on myself on Dec. 7th 2018 by Alicia Alderson.

Designed the conceptual representation of my self-defined "Human Multi-tool" skill-set. While it's only currently available as a composite image, the item was designed to be used as an animated graphic that would highlight a specific tool based on current website navigation. This feature will be implemented in the future.

Game Art

Designed, diagrammed and integrated art into the the Move-it! Charades game. Design made with assistance from João Felipe Rodrigues Veloso, who provided base elements and some assets. The game is available on Google Play and the Apple Store.